So I tried to bake again after, I think 10 years. 

The flavors are:

  • Chocolate and Oatmeal with Chocolate Ganache and Pinipig
  • Banana and Chocolate Chips with Butercream Coffee Frosting

It didn’t looked like the usual cupcake shape because lost my Muffin pan and I just bought this mini pans from the grocery yesterday. Still it’s good food ^_^ 

I go again…

The Scapes Photography

For the passed few weeks I have been assigned for outdoor Photography. Reggie, The senior Photographer were to finished the Valentine’s Theme at the studio.

So From freezy and breezy afternoon to scorching nighttime I have been out taking photos of Cityscapes and Nightscapes. Yes the weather in the Philippines is pretty unstable, one day it’s freezing cold next it’s desert hot.

I have done landscape before in my travel when I was still a hobbyist. Its the usual mountains, falls sea photos. I have never done City before.

So some pointers that I learned and was taught to me when shooting All this scapes.

  • Aperture size should be 11 or higher. 

The reason is that you want the whole scene to be pretty sharp and in focus. You want to get e deeper Depth of Field (DOF). 

  • Use a tripod or Just make sure that the camera is stable.

I was asked to take photos that are a little restricted. So I cannot bring a  tripod along with me. When you don’t have a tripod, making your camera stable for a longer shutter speed is a little tricky.

What I did was I use the available stable mount I could find. I metal gate, A bench, the base of flag pole and my iPhone charger. The iPhone charger served as a balancer when I tilted my camera to look upwards.

The I set my shutter timer and fired away. I took decent long shutter shots with that.

  • Always check the Horizon.

It pretty bad when you’re taking landscape and the whole images is askew. 

You can still be creative and have different kinds of perspective just make sure that the viewer will not feel dizzy looking at it.

  • Best to know the COLOR Hours of the Day.

It is important to know the weather condition and the best time to shoot in a day. It’s one consideration especially if you are about to shoot a commercial photos that needs to sell.

Overcast - or Cloudy. I find it best to use this if you’re planning to have your photos in black in white. If your subjects are building the overcast sky can be a good backdrop for added contrast and texture. But I don’t think its best for colored images.

Blue Hour - is an hour or thirty minutes before Sunrise. Where the sky is enough blue as the horizon brightens up.

Golden Hour -  the is an hour or thirty minutes before Sunset. Where the sky has the hues of pink, orange, violet, red and yellow. The shadows are not to harsh too.

10 AM & 3P - I find this parts of morning and afternoon for a good shot since the sun is still in an angle where it’s not cast too much light and shadows. Good for long shadows and emotional photos.

~ Well, so far those are the new learning i got being a Junior Photographer.

Assistant Photographer: Just a Title

Yes the title suggest that I’m just the Props-maker, Light arranger, studio organizer etc.

But truth to be told I’m also holding the camera and taking the shots, more often recent.

So i consider myself a JUNIOR Photographer. I’m doing the Outdoor shoot of Cityscapes and Landscapes twice a week. I’m doing mostly the shoot in the studio Since the Photographer acted as the Art Director.

I think he’s training me. I’ve gotten hold about lighting, the basic but I’ll get it anytime soon.