Flash and Strobe

I learned a lot since I started working as Assistant Photographer. And one of the things I really was grateful at learning was using the strobe light inside the studio. 

However, I think a lot of amateur and starting photographers started with the Flash first rather than the Strobe Studio Lights. 

On my part I became familiar with the Studio lights first because in a regular basis I worked using them. I haven’t got a chance to familiarized my self with the Flash, until a week ago. 

We needed a high speed light to freeze the dices in motion. The strobe is not enough for a shutter speed of 250 - 500. So out came the Flash.

At first I was just looking at it remembering how the thing works. I knew where it was supposed to be attached. But setting it up as a little tricky. I kept fumbling the dial and the buttons guess how to set the thing up.

And right then and there I realized I still have more to learn and that 

excite me more ^_^. 

By the way our studio got two new FAME 6 600 Watts Studio lights. Yey!!! New toys!

Photography is Subjective

I always thought that photography is selective as to what they what to show. Most photographers or those occasional clickers (people who take good snapshots but not really a photographer) use photography to show how they see the world. And everyone of us see differently. 

It is the same when you put two people in a rectangular room at the same time and later ask them their experience. They both have different answers, both have different views and experiences. 

It’s the same with photography, ask two photographers to take a photo of one subject and they will give you two different images, base on how they actually see, how they perceive or how they want the subject to be shown. 

In photography some things are excluded from the whole view. Photographers pick only the things they want to show inside the four corners of the allotted space of an images. 

Same with the images below. The images of the feather with the bokeh background looks magical and fascinating. That is how I wanted it to show to the viewers. 

To achieve these shots I moved closer to the subject, which is the red feather, and I used a 100mm prime lens. As you can see, the feather is backlit. The light is mostly coming from behind and seeping through the thin material of the feather, compensating the foreground light. 

The Back lighting is perfect because it helped me to highlight the tiny fibers from the feather. It gave out a cozy, soft touch for the subject. 

But the whole set up was as simple as you can imagine. The images below will tell you why. 

This simple against-the-glass-window set up created magical images already. 

See, the window from where I used as a background was dirty, The light I used came from the sun light passing through the glass pane. The bokeh effect were from the misty of water I sprayed in the window. I held the feather with a Glue tack on top of a glass jar. Since the sun light backlit the feather and was too harsh I was able to play with my camera setting to achieve the two images above. 

Here’s the camera setting I played around with:

  • ISO 100
  • Speed 1/500 - 1/800 (depends when the sunlight was covered with clouds)
  • f/3.2 - 5.6 ( for the bokeh effect, also depends on how harsh the sunlight is)

The rest of the set up was just a continually spray of water for the bokeh effect, as the water dries up quickly because of the sun. 

Simple set up, plus a creative vision and a subjective plan can make even the most uninteresting place to be enough to create great photos. ^_^

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Artist Satisfaction

(This is my post so when I regard myself as an artist, don’t contradict ^_^ )

For sometime I’ve been doing my task in the office on my own. I find my self starting to be unsatisfied with the images I’m creating. However the images I’m creating seems to be enough. Some thinks It was awesome. 

But since I knew how it was actually done, like I kinda knew the tricks on a magic show, The magic is slowly fading away. 

On the follow photos I’ll try to explain.

On this shot, I did a paper abstract. At first you wouldn’t thought that those lines were made of Paper. I was amazed at how a simple object can be made into this kind of abstract art. Now All I can see are curved papers. 

What do you think of this last photo? Would you believe if I say this is taken inside the studio?

I looked at it differently than before I made the images.

On My Own!

My new assignment is to have any kind of photoshoot indoor, using all the props we have in the studio. 

So I listed all the things and theme and ideas that I want to shoot. And my fire burns brightly again. :)

For the first theme, I got curious in making those abstract photos using paper. So I took that for my first shoot.

The first shoot didn’t go well as I expected. I kinda had a couple of good shots but I was not satisfied. I was only able to use natural light and yesterday was so dark that I didn’t had much of a choice. 

But this morning I got to use the studio lights and experimented. The first images above was way better compare to the images below it. The latter was taken yesterday. 

I know I have much more to try when doing this abstract paper wave photo, but I must say I like the images I took this morning. 

Miel’s shots

Miel is Margaux’s cousin. He a very bright kid. And a very adorable one too! You can judge it by these photos