On My Own!

My new assignment is to have any kind of photoshoot indoor, using all the props we have in the studio. 

So I listed all the things and theme and ideas that I want to shoot. And my fire burns brightly again. :)

For the first theme, I got curious in making those abstract photos using paper. So I took that for my first shoot.

The first shoot didn’t go well as I expected. I kinda had a couple of good shots but I was not satisfied. I was only able to use natural light and yesterday was so dark that I didn’t had much of a choice. 

But this morning I got to use the studio lights and experimented. The first images above was way better compare to the images below it. The latter was taken yesterday. 

I know I have much more to try when doing this abstract paper wave photo, but I must say I like the images I took this morning. 

Miel’s shots

Miel is Margaux’s cousin. He a very bright kid. And a very adorable one too! You can judge it by these photos

Some of the shots for Margaux’s Photoshoot

For the weekend we went to celebrate Margaux’s 6th month, we also decided to have a mini photoshoot of her.
So I was working, and was assigned to shoot inside the office. I was making raindrops on the window for the effect that we need for today’s theme. But for some reason (the window was so slippery) the water spray stared to cascade downward, making this effect. 
I know that my Manager will not like this particular photo, But I personally liked the effect. As if its a painting of the buildings outside our office.