DIY Softbox

I started doing this today, Still not finish though. I need to install the light, fix the wires and the switch and put on the Muslin Cloth.

I still don’t have an idea of what I’m going to use as a stand, but I think I’ll just buy a cheap tripod from CDR-King.

I’m just too excited about this, since I made it on my own. Piece o’ cake. hihihihi :))

I’ll post the finish Softbox tomorrow or on Monday along with some test photos. Plus I’ll also ¬†include the materials I used to make it, and its prices. Since all the DIY softboxes tutorial I found were done by foreigners, there’s no tutorial done a Filipino - if there is, I can’t find It.¬†

I’m not posting a tutorial, just the cost of all the materials to give Pinoy Photographers a heads up on how much it actually cost here int he Philippines :)

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